Our Vision:

"One concrete mixer, one fibre doser."

Incite’s operations encompass sales, product development, manufacturing and service in the field of fibre dosing technology. Our selected customers are found world-wide. They are reached through direct sales and via various partners.

Our competence is in the area of refining processes through fibre dosing technology. Houndreds of installations and complex technical challenges have given us experience to set the standard in this field. Our purpose is to create continual improvements in productivity for our customers.

Standard products that we produce and adapt to our customers’ needs, fixed prices, guaranteed delivery times and 24-hour service will result in increased profitability for our customers. In order to realise our business concept of achieving market leadership, we expect the same level of ambition from our employees and suppliers as our customers expect from Incite.

in Fiber Dosing Systems
since 1992.

With over thousands of successful installations across six continents, we strive to remain the leader in fiber dosing industries worldwide.

Our fibre dosing systems offer high-quality construction services to all our customers.

We provide world-class construction and technological services to major industrial clients in diverse markets all over the world. Founded in 1992, our company is a direct-hire general industrial services provider.

We adhere to strict compliance regulations and requirements.

Providing the best possible standards

in dosing all types of fibers to concrete mixers.

We are persistently working on improving our systems, customizing proposals to our clients, focusing our attention on deadlines, quality and costs to ensure customers' needs are met. Our clients always receive a high quality product based on strict manufacture procedures.

Thank you very much. We look forward to hear from you.